Angel - $$$ - Skinny


Angel - $$$ - Skinny 22 - Sugarbabe - Sunshine state :)
I'm into sparkly weed, men with money, and skinny women.

Violent Sadist in our midst→


All SBs, especially tumblr SBs BEWARE!!!

This man runs an SD blog where he pretends to be the sweetest, most respectful, generous SD there is. He is everything but. He used to be sugar daddyforreal but has recently deleted that blog and started another after violently…

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SB help!

So annoying to keep finding the infamous craigslist ad guide to be missing!
Any of you lovely ladies care to share and repost?

Please and thank you!


Craigslist Ads That Attract Certain Types Of Men→


1. I Know What I Want (Insert City Here)

Discretion is a priority to me. I want to be your sexy, fun secret. Let’s enjoy our exciting time together away from it all. Fine dining, fine wine, great conversation, travel are some of my favorite hobbies.

Are you looking for an exquisite…

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Chloe - Chloe loves Carl part 2 - X-Art


Chloe - Chloe loves Carl part 2 - X-Art